We are a company located in a sector with a high rate of development and we accompany and support several promoters and investors in the realization of their projects.

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– We ask for exclusivity when we are contacted for the management of a project,
– We ask a lot of seriousness to all our customers and especially we make a point of honor with certain provisions like the confidentiality or the non-circumvention.


Discretion, Honesty, Compliance with commitments, Determination, Skill.


Our contacts and contact details are registered on this site. Anyone with a project can contact us.
Just send us:
– a letter addressed to Mr BLEOU Arthur Raoul, Financial Consultant, CEO PT. INDOFRICA FOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
– the CIS of the promoter,

– and any other document that could justify the projectOur teams and experts will conduct the investigations and analyzes and if this is positive, we will put you in touch with a designated expert to carry out your project.


Tel: +62 (0) 878 72876085

Email: indofricajakartagency@tutanota.com