Indonesia gained independence 75 years ago. The beginnings were very difficult because it was a poor country regularly confronted with natural disasters and internal conflicts. But through determination and hard work, Indonesia was able to win and be respected in the concert of nations.

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Six years ago, the World Bank declared Indonesia the sixteenth economic power in the world, thanks to constant reforms, hard work and constant pursuit of excellence.

Indonesia, three years ago, was the tenth largest economy in the world. This country has put in place all the conditions to ensure impressive development with constantly improving economic indicators. The economic and social projections are impressive and Indonesia will soon wow the world.

This country has become the new business destination thanks to a formidable monetary strategy, an excellent investment code, an improved business environment, a very good banking and financial system, an excellent social and medical policy, a very good education system, with an almost correct justice … Despite some dysfunctions and an increase in acts of a terrorist nature, the system of security and protection of the territory is among the most powerful in the world. Its cultural diversity and tourism potential place it among the most popular destinations in the world. Without wishing to dwell on industrial, agricultural, infrastructural and military performance, I can say with certainty that Indonesia will surprise the world.

Today Indonesia is positioned as the 7th largest economy in the world and a member of the G8.

The transition from poor country to emerging country is a case study for African countries. Culturally Indonesia is the Asian country which is closest to the countries of black Africa. These aspects should serve as factors of rapprochement between Africa and Indonesia. And Africa should thus see that it is possible to begin its development despite the difficult geopolitical contexts and international pressures.

This explains the choice of this country for our company PT INDOFRICA FOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.

We work discreetly but we are at the heart of development systems. We want Africa to simply decide to join it by giving above all the right signals. If Africa gives these signals, Africa will attract the respect of nations. If Africa attracts their trust then nations will “DO BUSINESS” with her. Respect and trust are the 2 values that Africa must attract to it to begin its development.

Currently, African countries have never succeeded in creating these 2 values among their partners. This is the reason why the continent has never been able to take off. African experts confuse “promotion of investments” with “promotion of the exploitation of the continent”. Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) do not benefit Africa.

Our desire is to change things without engaging Africa in unnecessary tug-of-war with its partners. It is therefore sufficient to give the right signals. And we know how to do it.

PT INDOFRICA FOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT has diversified into the field of Business Management Consulting. Supported by a dynamic network of financial and diplomatic partners, we offer personalized solutions for the development of companies and states that ask us. We are able to design and execute any project.

Thanks to our Strategy of Design – Financing – Execution and Management, we position ourselves as the best company in a sector with high potential and which constitutes the basis of all economic and social development.

Our areas of activity are: Management consulting, Economic and financial intelligence, Investment promotion and development strategy, Fund management, Economic and strategic studies, Fundraising, Monetary strategy, Crowdfunding, Fundraising, Trade program, financial and banking instrumentalisation, Maritime and port development, Economic Forum, Private banking, Economic diplomacy …

In order to meet the needs of several companies around the world, as part of the realization of their real estate and other projects, we work with several financial and industrial companies (Asian, American and European) who have joined together to create consortia capable of intervene in the mobilization of funds in order to give the chance to several projects to see the light of day. Several programs and projects are being designed in order to give African countries the appropriate tools to position themselves on the road to development.