We are involved in the design, financing, implementation and management of projects related to several sectors such as :

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  • Airport, Sea port and Dry and land port
  •  Metro and Railway projects,
  •  Roads, Bridges and Associated Infrastructures,
  • Industrial Project,
  •  Bus stations,
  •  Real estate project(Building, Hotels, Hospitals, Ephemeral, Architecture and Modular Constructions),
  •  Mining and Energy,
  • Sports and Social Infrastructures,
  •  Water towers and Hydroelectric Dams,
  •  Energy Stations and Urban Development,
  • Livestock and agriculture.


Our activities are mainly based on construction projects (real estate and infrastructure) but we can help with all other projects.
For security reasons we monitor the use of the funds we mobilize for our partners and customers because these funds should not be used in : political operations; in military or similar activities; in entertainment activities (nightclubs, casinos, bars and the like);  in illicit trades (opium and the like); and in any other activity deemed dangerous or morally indefensible.
In order to meet the financial needs of several companies around the world, as part of the realization of their real estate projects and others, we work with several financial and industrial companies (Asian, American and French) who have teamed up to create a consortium capable of intervening in the mobilization of funds in order to give the chance to several projects to see the light of day. by obtaining the necessary funds for their investments and achievements.


For the different projects, we can: issue banking, financial and commercial instruments, issue and monetize banking and financial instruments, monetize banking and financial instruments that you entrust us and also monetize bonds or bonds.


These are platforms for financial investments and fund raising. In trading, the client supports upstream trading costs.


It is a question of putting money in the form of debt at the disposal of an applicant who will be responsible for repaying it over a given period generally between 5 and 20 years depending on the project. The waiting period is between 1 and 3 years after the start of the project or the end of the financing. In direct financing, tangible assets are pledged on behalf of the lessor until full repayment of the financing. In direct financing, insurance and guarantee issues are the responsibility of the lessor. Direct funding is always based on a business plan upstream developed by us.


Respect for environmental standards is the basis for the success of any development project and strategy.
We place a central position in the projects we carry out.
The environmental responsibility of companies is the contribution of companies to the challenges of sustainable development. The process involves companies taking into account the environmental impacts of their activity in order to adopt the best possible practices and thus contribute to the improvement of society and the protection of the environment.